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  • A Wide Range of Organizations Rely on Tailored Programs Offered by Kaplan University ELS.

  • Corporations

    ELS - Coporations

    From Fortune 500 firms to regional companies, the Kaplan University ELS team provides a range of customized educational solutions. By offering undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as professional and continuing education certificates, Kaplan University ELS can help businesses of all sizes retain their best employees, engage and motivate promising staff, and recruit the right kinds of new hires.

    Kaplan University ELS has years of experience helping businesses reach their workforce education and development goals. Businesses working with ELS include:

    • Financial services firms
    • Fortune 500 companies
    • Manufacturing firms
    • Leisure and hospitality companies 

    Public Safety Departments

    ELS - public safety

    Kaplan University ELS works with fire and police departments across the country to help create clear paths to career development, promotion, and succession planning. Kaplan University’s extensive catalog of public safety courses allow us to assemble specialized programs that lead to the types of undergraduate degrees and professional certifications that fire and police personnel can use to pursue their career goals.*  

    Health Care Organizations

    ELS - Health Care Organization

    A growing number of patients who have access to health insurance combined with an aging population are expected to create an increasing need for more well-trained nurses. Maintaining a more robust IT infrastructure is another concern of hospital systems across the country. Privacy of medical records and a growing number of other health informatics call for continuing education that keeps skills up to date with the rapid changes in health care management technology. In both nursing and health care IT, Kaplan University ELS works with health care providers nationwide to simplify and clarify the path to professional training and career advancement.

    Channel Organizations

    ELS - Organizations

    Kaplan University ELS forms alliance relationships with organizations that wish to offer education options that can enhance the skills of their members and clients. From single-course offerings to complete degree or certificate programs, Kaplan University ELS can design education solutions that represent a value add for its channel organizations. 

    Academic Institutions

    ELS - Academic

    Kaplan University ELS develops relationships with colleges and institutions of higher learning to help students get a head start on their degree program by recognizing prior learning and transferring eligible credits already earned (in school or on the job) into undergraduate college credit at Kaplan University. Kaplan University ELS accepts college level courses taken at accredited colleges and universities.


    Academic institutions working with Kaplan University ELS include:

    • Community college systems
    • School districts
    • Accredited colleges and universities

  • * Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement.

    Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Registered Nurses, on the Internet www.bls.gov/ooh/Healthcare/Registered-nurses.htm. National long-term projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth.

    Kaplan University cannot guarantee transferability of credit. See the University Catalog for the Prior Learning Assessment policy.

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  • The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts. 

    Nothing illustrates that adage quite like the tangram. Using only seven pieces, students of the tangram can create a multitude of shapes. 

    The tangram exemplifies how Kaplan University ELS operates. Using the various courses and support resources of Kaplan University, the ELS team can assemble an education program uniquely suited to each client.

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