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  • More Variety, More Options, More Ways to Help Your Organization Prosper.

    From single-course offerings to undergraduate and graduate degrees, the vast array of options available through Kaplan University ELS can help you create specialized educational solutions unique to your organization.

    • Leadership training to meet an organization’s high-level openings and succession planning needs
    • Professional certificate education to help enable career advancement 
    • Supplemental skills training to create more valuable managers
    • Courses to provide a clear path from an associate’s to a bachelor’s degree

  • Client Services

    Client Services

    • Experienced teams dedicated to understanding your particular business and organizational challenges
    • Solution operations support
    • Corporate training articulation
    • Community college transfer guides
    • Access to informational resources such as Kaplan University’s Visionary Voices series

    Student Services

    Student Services

    Academic Offerings

    Academic Offerings

    • Graduate and postbaccalaureate certificates 
    • Single courses (nondegree seeking) 
    • Bundles of courses to alleviate skills gaps 
    • Kaplan University’s Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) provides license preparation, professional development, and continuing education. Offerings are provided in areas such as:
      • Advanced designations exam preparation
      • Accountancy training
      • Business and professional development
      • Construction
      • Fire and EMS training
      • Information technology
      • Real estate
      • Securities and insurance

  • * Scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other Kaplan University discount (including active-duty and veteran military tuition rates), voucher, grant, or scholarship.

  •  Alumni Discounts
  • The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts. 

    Nothing illustrates that adage quite like the tangram. Using only seven pieces, students of the tangram can create a multitude of shapes. 

    The tangram exemplifies how Kaplan University ELS operates. Using the various courses and support resources of Kaplan University, the ELS team can assemble an education program uniquely suited to each client.

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