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  • The Unique Approach to Education and Training Solutions Developed by Kaplan University ELS Is a Proven Catalyst for Success.

    Kaplan University ELS has extensive experience in developing solutions to support a wide range of industries and organizations. Our unique approach to education begins with an in-depth study of the client’s organizational needs and challenges. Kaplan University ELS education professionals work closely with clients to create tailored educational offerings that provide smart, practical solutions.

    The following scenarios describe various areas of Kaplan University ELS experience and what a well-designed education program can do for your organization. 

    Kaplan University ELS Answers a Fire Department’s Leadership Alarm

    ELS - Fire

    In the next 2 years, 11 top officers in a county fire department will be retiring. The department is working closely with Kaplan University ELS to identify competency gaps in their high-potential firefighters who can fill these leadership positions. Kaplan University ELS is also selecting a set of courses to address those gaps so that properly trained firefighters will be ready to step into leadership positions as soon as they are needed.

    Adding Extra Value to a Manager’s Menu of Talents

    ELS - Manager

    Kaplan University ELS is working with a national fast food chain to create a world-class corporate university. One of its first goals: to help its local managers run their restaurants more efficiently. Kaplan University ELS is designing a made-to-order business management program to engage and motivate managers so they know as much about P&Ls as they do about burgers and fries.

    Bringing Diverse Relationships Together for the Benefit of All

    ELS - Relationships

    To achieve magnet recognition, a leading hospital system in California needed more BSN-qualified nurses. So Kaplan University ELS worked with local community colleges and the hospital system to ensure that Kaplan University bachelor’s degrees, community colleges’ associate’s degrees, and the hospital system’s needs were all in sync to provide a clearly defined path to success.

    Kaplan University ELS Seeks to Build Mutually Beneficial Alliances With Academic Institutions

    ELS - Alliances

    We are committed to working with community colleges across the nation to positively affect college completion rates and to develop a skilled workforce that can meet twenty-first century needs. Kaplan University works with community college students to build upon the higher education foundation that students have already gained. Through a community college education alliance, we can guide associate’s degree students on their path to earning a Kaplan University bachelor’s degree and connect them with an education that blends academic knowledge and the skills for the professional world. 

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  • The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts. 

    Nothing illustrates that adage quite like the tangram. Using only seven pieces, students of the tangram can create a multitude of shapes. 

    The tangram exemplifies how Kaplan University ELS operates. Using the various courses and support resources of Kaplan University, the ELS team can assemble an education program uniquely suited to each client.

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