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  • Pathways to Certification Through the American Board’s Plus Program and the Education Career Alternatives Program

    Classroom Pathways Bundle/American Board Plus Program

    The Classroom Pathways Bundle is a unique enrollment package for students looking to become certified in specific states and consists of two separate and distinct programs: the American Board's Plus Program and the Master of Arts in Teaching's noncertification track.   

    • You will complete the Master of Arts in Teaching's noncertification track prior to beginning the Plus Program courses in order build a solid knowledge base of secondary teaching and learning principles and to develop the professional competencies required of beginning teachers.
    • Upon graduation, you will complete the American Board Plus Program and have the opportunity to become a certified teacher in Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, or Utah.
    • The American Board Plus Program does not include courses or student teaching. Rather, it is designed to help you prepare for and pass American Board examinations in fulfillment of state licensure requirements. As a Master of Arts in Teaching student, you'll also receive additional Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) resources, including workbooks and supplementary quiz banks.
    • American Board program resources and examination costs are included in the price of tuition for Kaplan University's Classroom Pathways Bundle and may be covered by financial aid for those who qualify; one less thing to think about on your path to becoming a certified teacher.
    • After successfully completing the Plus Program and passing the American Board examinations, you may seek licensure in your home state. Check the American Board website for more information.*

    Education Career Alternatives Program Alliance (ECAP)

    For Master of Arts in Teaching noncertification track students who reside in Texas, the Education Career Alternatives Program (ECAP) offers a state-approved route to teacher certification at all levels, including K-12, special education, bilingual education, and more.

    Kaplan University's alliance with the ECAP offers students in Texas special transfer credit opportunities to save time and money on their ECAP. To learn more, click here.

    To learn more about ECAP, visit www.ecapteach.com.

    Pursuing Other Alternative Certification Routes

    As with any major decision, it is important to examine alternative routes to certification based on your state's licensure requirements.  You can visit our interactive map and click on the state where you are interested in becoming a teacher for links to your state's certification requirements.  We've also summarized some steps to help you identify suitable state alternative certification programs and requirements for certification.

    Note: completion of the Master of Arts in Teaching's noncertification track is not required in order to pursue a state alternative teacher certification program.






  • * Full licensure requirements vary from state to state and are subject to change; students must check with the American Board at abcte.org for certification and state requirements. Prior to enrolling, students must confirm they are eligible for a state alternative certification program. Students are also encouraged to confirm costs, deadlines, additional fees, required approvals, residency, and continuing requirements with American Board.

    Some states require teacher education programs to be accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) or Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Kaplan University’s Master of Arts in Teaching program is not NCATE or CAEP-accredited, nor is it state approved for teacher certification or endorsements of any kind. Accordingly, you should determine whether graduation from a NCATE or CAEP-accredited program is required in the state in which you intend to seek licensure.

    The Master of Arts in Teaching program and curriculum are designed to provide candidates with the background and practical experience that meet nationally recognized standards for such a degree. However, individual state licensing requirements vary and are subject to change. Thus, the University makes no representations or warranties as to whether the program meets the specific licensing requirements for any individual state. Candidates enrolled in the noncertification track who are interested in state certification must independently research the licensing requirements in any states in which they intend to seek licensure.

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