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    ED 562: STUDENT ASSESSMENT (5 Credits)

    This course provides students with a broad knowledge base of theory and best practices in the field of student assessment. Topics include the analysis of standard assessment objectives and tools, and their relationship to student achievement and teacher growth. The course will survey the use of formal and informal assessments, norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessments, and formative and summative assessments. Additionally, students will examine methods of using assessment data to improve instruction and student achievement, as well as to improve teacher professional self-reflection. Students will learn how to design assessments appropriate to the instructional objectives of a school, student population, and content area. Students will also examine grade calculating and reporting software.

    Prerequisites Required:


    Total Core Credits: 9
    Total Program Credits: 17


    This course will focus on the development and use of diagnostic instruments and practices that help teachers discern the nature of individual differences in literacy abilities, especially among readers and writers with special learning challenges. Methods of constructing individualized, corrective treatment plans and procedures for K-12 and adult learners will be discussed.

    Prerequisites Required:


    Total Core Credits: 9
    Total Program Credits: 17



    This course covers methods of teaching reading and writing across the K-12 curriculum. The focus is project-based teaching that incorporates strategies for prewriting; developing writing skills; developing writing skills, which include analysis, problem solving, and critical thinking; and integrating technology into instruction. Students will align lessons with National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and state standards. Teachers will learn the process of designing and implementing instruction that develops their students' growth in functional and digital literacy.

    Prerequisites Required:


    Total Major Credits: 8
    Total Program Credits: 17

    LT 520: APPROACHES TO LITERACY (4  Credits)

    This course provides an overview of literacy instruction for the English/language arts classroom. The course covers historical trends and theoretical models for literacy instruction; the alignment of instruction with state and national standards and assessment; new digital literacies and the use of technology; and best practices in comprehensive literacy instruction. The course culminates in a comprehensive final research project that investigates an aspect of literacy instruction.

    Prerequisites Required:


    Total Major Credits: 8
    Total Program Credits: 17

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