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  • 4 Paths to a New Career in Teaching

    4 Paths to a New Career in Teaching

    Gone are the days when people were expected to pick a career in their early twenties and stick with it until retirement.

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    5 Tips for Landing Your First Teaching Job

    5 Tips for Landing Your First Teaching Job

    If you’re training to become a teacher, you should set yourself up to get your first teaching job as soon as you’re certified.

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    Becoming a Teacher

    Is a Teaching Career Right for You?

    People choose to become teachers for many different reasons. Maybe you’re a teacher and for the last couple of years, you’ve been reflecting on that decision, or perhaps you are considering a career in education and are still weighing the pros and cons.

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    CPS - EarlyChildhoodLit_150

    What it Really Takes to Get Promoted in Education

    Many educators want to spend their careers as classroom teachers guiding students through the day-to-day processes of learning and growing. But some also want to take on additional responsibilities, experience new challenges and be a leader to adults as well as students.

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    Like Being a Teacher

    How to Tell if You Like Being a Teacher

    Most teachers cite a desire to work with children as their reason for choosing teaching as a career. Would you enjoy being a teacher? If you think the answer may be “yes,” here are some questions to ask yourself.

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    Gift of Teaching

    Why Teaching Is a Gift Worth Opening

    If someone asks how you chose your current profession, do you find yourself struggling to offer an acceptable answer? Many people find themselves in careers through default rather than by taking deliberate steps to pursue their passion.

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    Art Teacher

    So You'd Like to Be An Art Teacher

    Artists and art lovers often enjoy igniting that passion in others and may find that becoming an art teacher is an ideal career choice.

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    Shifting Careers

    Shifting Gears: How to Become a Teacher After a Career in Business

    For some business people, a career in education may seem enticing, offering a completely different environment from the business world they know so well and providing many of the intangible perks described above.

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