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    At the School of Education, our goal is to help professionals in education, including those dedicated to corporate, military, and nonprofit environments, develop the tools they need to build academic and professional performance and transform lives through the power of learning. Our School of Education is part of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, which offers a wide breadth of graduate and undergraduate academic programs designed to develop professionals and leaders in fields that make a difference to human and societal causes, issues, and needs.

    We help education professionals build upon their skills to develop more effective learning strategies that will use the technologies of today to create solutions for tomorrow.  

    Degrees and Certificates

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    In the field of education, there's only one thing that always remains the same-change. That's why the School of Education offers:

    • Innovative programs that are reviewed and designed to serve educators and instructors at every level, from colleges and universities to K-12 environments to corporations and nonprofit organizations.
    • Pathways to certification for career changers through our alliances with the American Board's Plus Program and the Education Career Alternatives Program (ECAP). Click here to learn more about the American Board and ECAP alliances.
    • Several nonteaching degrees in areas such as instructional technology, higher education leadership, and educational psychology, because education extends beyond lecture halls and classroom instruction. Professionals in these fields are at the heart of developing a more effective learning and training experience in almost any context.

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  • Single Course Enrollment Option

    Kaplan University offers single courses to general, non-degree seeking students. You may petition for your completed single courses to count toward your degree or certificate program, should you choose to enroll in a corresponding degree program at Kaplan University. 

    View the list of available courses.

    • Featured Faculty

      • GradEd-KelvinBeckett_headshot_97

        Kelvin Beckett

        Dr. Kelvin Beckett has more than 35 years of experience in education, having taught in schools and universities in both the United States and Canada.

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      • GradEd-AprilAdams_headshot_97

        April Adams

        Dr. April Adams has been teaching for 17 years in both middle school and higher education.

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      • Campus Graduate - Brian Woolsey

        Kaplan University Student Testimonial

        Kaplan University grad Brian Woolsey describes how, after a 20-year hiatus from college, his family inspired him to return to school and earn his degree. 

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      • Master_Arts_Teaching.jpg

        About Teacher Certification

        Follow your passion to change lives. Learn more about teacher certification as well as alternative certification routes.

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