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  • New Ways of Thinking Vital for Accountants, but so Are Old-School Values

    Some say that the accounting industry's biggest problem isn't legacy systems, but legacy thinking. How can today's practitioners emphasize anticipatory thinking but still hold on to old-school values? Check out this article from The Journal of Accountancy.

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    Valuation Demand Is Growing. Is Your Accounting Firm Ready?

    Boosting a firm’s valuations practice may also help accounting financial services practitioners to offer additional advisory services to counterbalance increasingly price-focused compliance engagements. This article from Accounting Today examines steps firms can take to prepare for new business.

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    New Study Highlights CPA Lateral Hiring Trends

    CPAs continue to be in high demand as accounting financial services firms lure top talent away from their competitors to spur growth and generate new revenue. This article on AccountingWeb.com summarizes key takeaways from a recent study on the lateral hiring trend sweeping through the accounting industry.

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    Corporate Fraud Is Shockingly Common. Here’s How to Stop It

    Corporate fraud is nearly as commonplace in the accounting industry as are changes to the tax code. This fascinating article from The Fiscal Times explores the rise in fraudulent activity and addresses ways forensic accounting professionals can put a stop to it. 

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    FASB Changes Discontinued Operations Reporting Guidance

    The Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued a new directive on the proper reporting for discontinued operations. This Journal of Accountancy article recaps the changes in store for the accounting industry.

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    20 Trends to Watch

    According to a gallery on AccountingToday.com, there are 20 trends in accounting that professionals need to be aware of in 2014. From social media practices to the opportunities that come with the Affordable Care Act, the accounting industry will benefit from the wide variety of insights.

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    Five Foreign Capital Trends in the U.S. Commercial Real Estate Market

    Foreign capital is flowing back into the U.S. commercial real estate market. National Real Estate Investor has taken a longer-term view of five factors influenced by foreign capital that will impact U.S. real estate today.

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    Who Will Step Up and Disrupt the Real Estate Industry?

    As new technologies continue to revolutionize our world, they inevitably render many industries obsolete—just take a look at what digital content did to Blockbuster Video. Professionals in real estate today are in danger of becoming a diminishing value proposition poised to go the way of the travel agent without disruptive technologies to keep them relevant. Entrepreneur ponders how to be a successful real estate agent in this digital age.

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    New Service Tracks Prices on Millions of Houses and Forecasts How They Will Change

    Identifying trends in real estate requires the right forecasting tools. Home buyers, sellers, small investors and real estate agents are about to get a new tool that can help show where local property values are headed. Check out this Washington Post article on a new “house-specific” monitor that can track price trends—and forecast them up to a year into the future—on 50 million single-family homes across the country.

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    The bottom line of the Zillow-Trulia deal for brokers and agents

    How will Zillow's acquisition of Trulia—effectively marrying the two largest online realty websites into a data giant—impact your efforts to be a successful real estate agent? This blog post on Inman News shares varying perspectives on how, and to what extent, the merger may reshape the industry.

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    Wanna Effectively Serve Generation Next Homebuyers? Learn to Speak ‘Digital’

    Here's an interesting real estate trend: the average age of the real estate agent is 57, while the average age of the first-time home buyer is 34. This blog post from Inman News provides some interesting insight on how to find buyers by bridging the generation gap through digital dialogue.

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    The Real Estate Crystal Ball: What's on the Horizon for 2014

    The economic unpredictability of the past few years has made it difficult to spot stable trends in real estate, especially in the residential sector. Between high foreclosures one year to low inventory the next, getting a handle on real estate today requires insight. This expert roundup article from Forbes points to a few constants for the 2014 housing market that real estate agents should keep an eye on.

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    Commercial Real Estate Investors "Cautiously Optimistic" as the Future Unfolds, According to New Outlook Report

    Commercial real estate agents have a positive year to look forward to, according to the authors of Expectations & Market Realities in Real Estate 2014—The Future Unfolds. This annual forecast released by the National Association of Realtors®, Real Estate Research Corporation, and Deloitte asserts that capital is flush in real estate today, and commercial real estate investment has expanded to the secondary and tertiary markets.

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    Investment Advice Becoming a New Option for Retirement Plans

    The majority of the U.S. $24 trillion retirement assets is held in baby boomers' accounts. Financial planning for this demographic requires more personalization and sophistication, as evidenced in this article from the Chicago Tribune.

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    Financial Advisors: Building Trust and Confidence in a Digital World

    According to a Millionaire Cornersurvey, nearly 60% of ultra-wealthy households are either “concerned” or “very concerned” about the ability of a financial analyst and advisor to develop trust and loyalty with the next generation in today’s digital and mobile world. Read more about the battle between old school and new school relationship building between financial professionals and clients.

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    BofA Breathes Some Life Into Bank ETFs

    Financial professionals on the lookout for game changing trends in financial services likely raised an eyebrow to the Federal Reserve granting Bank of America permission to raise its dividend to common stockholders for the first time in seven years. This article from ETF Trends.com posits that the recent move could turn the flagging tide for the banking financial services sector.

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    What You Need to Know About the New PFP Standards

    Financial professionals will be facing a new set of personal financial planning standards come July 1. To learn about the new professional service requirements, read this article from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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    Financial Planning: Not Just for Uber-rich

    Everyone should feel comfortable and confident in their finances, and a financial plan is the way to achieve that. Financial planning is not just for the wealthy; it's for anyone looking to meet their financial goals.

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    7 Ways Wealth Management Client Attitudes Are Shifting

    Wealth management experts are finding that many investors expect a client experience that is both high-tech and high-touch. According to this Forbes article, providers need to address these seven changing attitudes for new investment management models to resonate in the marketplace.

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    Using Debt in Retirement

    Debt is becoming a new wealth management tool for retirement planning. This article from WealthManagement.com encourages financial advisors to challenge conventional wisdom and use debt to boost liquidity and wealth for retirees.

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    The Wealth Management Evolution

    How have wealth management experts changed in the last 30 years? From the actual name of the profession to how clients view these professionals, Wealth On Wall Street takes a closer look at the evolution of this financial service specialty.

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    Wealth Managers Enlist Spy Tools to Map Portfolios

    What do the CIA and wealth managers have in common? The need for big data. As deregulation and globalization have led to more investment choices, wealth management experts are looking to data intelligence systems to accurately track, compare and value the scope of their clients' portfolios. Read more in this article from The New York Times.

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    4 Critical Trends for Wealth Management: Online Integration & More

    According to a recent CEB report on wealth management research and trends, investment management professionals at small and mid-sized Registered Investment Advisors should be integrating an online model with their personal services. This article from Financial Planning breaks down the key takeaways from the report.

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    What's Next for Bitcoin In 2014?

    According to Forbes.com, Bitcoin, the digital currency that became a sensation and trend in investing in 2013, is likely to go through the same natural cycle that any market does. Read about Bitcoin's anticipated boom, bubble, and crash in 2014.

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    Market for Drone Insurance Expected to Take Off in Next 5 Years

    The use of drones could become common practice for almost 40% of businesses in fewer than 5 years, according to corporate risk managers. From buying drone insurance to using them for assessments, this article from Insurance Journal explores the impact drones will have on risk management issues and the industry as a whole.

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    5 Ways Big Data Impacts the Insurance Industry

    Whether health, auto, life, home, property, or disability, risk and insurance companies win or lose based on their ability to accurately predict future risk and charge adequate premiums to allow them to successfully pay claims while still maintaining a profit. Read about how the insurance industry can derive the most use from big data’s predictive analysis in this blog from Smart Data Collective.

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    The 7 New Technologies That Are Changing the Insurance Business

    Technology can accelerate the claims and recovery process among other risk management and insurance operations. PropertyCasualty360.com takes a quick look at some of the newer innovations that can reduce costs and improve service.

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    Hablas Español?: Non-English Speaking Clients Create New Challenges for Insurers

    With the Spanish-speaking population in the U.S. ranking in the top five worldwide, insurers are finding they need to either use a translation service or hire Spanish-speaking staff. As the U.S. population becomes even more multicultural, the needs of these populations will change the way insurers serve their customers in terms of coverage and the use of technology. Read more at PropertyCasualty360.com.

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    Done and Undone: Legislators Facing Reelection Leave Insurance Issues on the Table

    November's U.S. congressional mid-term elections have the risk and insurance industry at an anxious stand-still. This article from PropertyCasualty360.com explores the insurance-related bills held hostage by partisanship on Capitol Hill.

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    D&O Insurance for Data Breaches

    In recent months, risk and insurance management efforts with regards to cybersecurity have focused on the immediate losses from data breaches, leaving management liability insurance (D&O) issues by the wayside. This article from Risk Management brings the focus back on the need for senior level governance with risk management and data security.

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    Understanding Enterprise Hot Spots for 2014

    This article from Risk Management magazine spotlights 10 emerging risk areas and risk management issues that threaten to derail enterprise performance for the coming year.

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    Supplemental Policies Bridge Emerging Health Gap

    As the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continues its rollout, changes in health insurance plans have been along the lines of leaner coverage and higher out-of-pocket expenses. This new era in risk and insurance is prompting carriers to step in and fill the coverage gaps with supplemental policies. Read more about these new "MediGap" policies in the latest issue of National Underwriter Life & Health magazine.

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    The P/C Insurance Market in 2014

    Professionals in the risk and insurance fields can expect a slowing trend in positive pricing for the property/casualty insurance market in 2014. In this article from Risk Management magazine, the pressure to keep interest low, combined with a relatively calm year for natural catastrophes in 2013, is keeping premiums at a minimum to start the year.

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