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    It’s no surprise that the top Career Moves articles of 2015 revolve around putting your best image and step forward in career planning. Whether it’s job marketplace tips or preparing for a career journey, readers were interested in how to best build a strong and positive professional image or how to identify and pursue the right career choices. Articles covered these topics in detail, including steps on how to go about a career change as well as how to improve chances to shine through effective and stellar resumes, cover letters, and interviews. The top articles in these categories were excellent reads and tools for students in any of these categories.  

    Additionally, our site periodically publishes career-specific articles so that students considering these fields gain a perspective on what it takes to enter, get promoted, or advance in these professions. Several of 2015’s top articles fall into this category of career-specific articles. It was interesting to see which careers were associated with the top 2015 reads. Public service and helping oriented professions that offer scheduling nuances and flexibility seemed to be a common thread. 

    Top Categories and Career Moves Articles for 2015

    Job Market Tips—The following articles were your top reads that focused on advancement in the job market. Take a look at the list and, if you didn’t get a chance to read them before, take a look now. If you did read these pieces and found the content helpful, we invite you to revisit them for a refresher on the topic. There’s usually something to be said about learning or capturing something new during a second read of an article.

    1. Effective Cover Letter Writing Techniques—How to Write an Effective Cover 
    2. Tips for Writing a Resume That Will Get Noticed 
    3. How to Answer Tough Interview Questions 
    4. Digital Footprint Facts—How to Manage Your Online Reputation 
    5. Mentoring Your Career: Top 5 Resources to Mentor Your Career 
    6. Tips on Advancing in Your Career?

      Preparing for Your Career—For those still preparing to enter a field or deciding the best fit, the following articles were the top pieces in this category. Go ahead and sharpen your knowledge about pursuing your professional goals by reading these if you haven’t done so already. These articles can and should be referenced frequently as helpful tools to help move you closer to your goals.

      1. Change Tips—Advice for Career Changers 
      2. A Self-Audit to Document Your Experience  
      3. How to Find Your Dream Job—Advice to Figure Out 
      4. Time to Change Careers—Best Time to Change Careers 
      5. 5 Myths About Changing Careers 
      6. 5 Steps To Help Overcome Your Fear of Starting Over

        Career-Specific Articles—Top read articles on specific careers and professions revolved around firefighting, teaching, nursing, and freelancing. The first three of these careers are often found in public service settings critical to the thread of our communities. As adults committing to select career paths, there may be heightened interest in considering professions that offer a sense of altruistic purpose. Additionally work/life balance and scheduling flexibility may become a greater priority to adults who are currently limited in time because of their current job and family priorities. Each of the professions in the top career-specific articles also offer scheduling nuances or flexibility.

        1. Advancing in a Fire Department and Within the Fire Science Field 
        2. How to Become Professor After Being in Corporate 
        3. Top Careers Suitable for Freelancing 
        4. How to Know if Teaching Is Not for You—Do You Like Being a Teacher 
        5. Nursing Careers: Nursing Informatics—What Is It? 
        6. How to Become Online Teacher—Online Positions for Teachers

          As an online university, we’ve built a legacy of assisting adult students in several phases of their careers. Many Kaplan University students find themselves interested in advancing to that next level by pursuing a promotion or changing careers altogether. Career Move articles provide one more resource for our students as they seek to succeed in attaining their professional and educational goals.*

          With the new year ahead of us, Career Moves is committed in continuing to provide you with career-focused articles and resources that offer guidance and tips in support of your professional goals as well as the changing marketplace and employer needs.

          We encourage you to check back periodically for new content throughout 2016.  

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