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    Changing careers is a decision many people make. The decision to change careers should not be an impulsive one, but one that has been thought out. You should try to learn as much as you can about the new career you are looking to enter and what is driving your desire. It’s also important to consider the changes that will come with the new career, and think about whether you need further education.

    Changing careers can mean a change in pay, hours worked, and the type of people you work with. Getting as much information as possible upfront can make your decision to change careers more satisfying and lead to a smoother transition into your new field. If you know anyone in your personal or professional networks who works in the field you hope to enter, reach out to him or her. Ask what the job is like and what opportunities exist in the field.

    Find out about the hours and work environments of the career you would like to enter. Ideally, try to find some work or volunteer opportunities in the area so you can see firsthand what the new field is like.

    In addition to learning about the new field and deciding whether you would like it, it is important to know whether you will have to go back to school. Some people are able to transition into certain fields without having to go back to school; however, fields such as teaching may require certain certifications and education.

    One blog post illustrates one person’s experience with changing careers and the steps she took before diving into a new career. The blogger studied something completely different from what she had wanted to study most of her life. The blog post offers an example of what to consider when deciding to change careers and steps to take before making the change. The blogger also describes how she volunteered in the field she was looking to transition into. Before making the leap into teaching, she found a volunteering opportunity working with children on the weekends.   Making the decision to change careers is one step, but before moving forward it helps to get some experience in the new field to make sure it is a change you want to make.

    Click here to read a blog post about one blogger’s experience with changing careers.

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