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    Parenthood and Career Change


    People often say that having children changes your life. One of the most inspiring changes that having children can bring is a desire to  go back to school and change careers. Several of our videos that spotlight our successful graduates are a testament to that inspiration.

    There have been parents who’ve made a choice to provide a better life for their children, or to try to secure the same great upbringing they had for their own children. A goal of this type sometimes requires a degree to take on a new profession or to become better positioned in the marketplace.

    While there’s an obvious emotional tie here that drives some to go back to school or change careers, it’s founded on facts and data as well. A recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reviewing 2012 data* continues to confirm unemployment rates and median weekly earning are correlated to a person’s education attainment. For the most part, the higher the degree, the lower the unemployment rates found within that group and the greater the median earnings.

    There’s a blog post in which a woman speaks about her sister and brother-in-law’s experience with going back to school for their family, their journey, and its positive outcome. You may be able to relate to this experience yourself.

    Click here to read the blog post. 



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