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    When you’re over 50, you bring a kind of experience to the job that someone younger may not possess. That’s a valuable asset. However, some employers may have reservations about your age. With a tendency to generalize, they may assume it’s better to hire a younger worker.

    It can be frustrating dealing with age misconceptions about age gaps at work.Individual characteristics are difficult to determine at a glance, but age is fairly obvious. It is hard to determine which of two workers is likely to perform their responsibilities with greater diligence unless time is taken to learn more about them.


    A common perception of employees who are over 50 is that they’re inflexible—even intransigent and stubborn. You can emphasize your flexibility by being curious and talking about creative ways you have faced challenges and solved problems. Identify what you have gained through your experience. Generalizations may carry a grain of truth but they’re clearly not absolute, especially when it comes to technology use. Highlight your technology skills. If you are lacking such skills, show a willingness to learn. This will differentiate you from others regarding career age gaps.

    Generational differences can cause problems in the workplace. Differing perspectives and approaches may create friction. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome those differences and create a highly productive work environment that benefits from having coworkers from different generations.

    For a worker or a job seeker who is over 50, the trick is to overcome the stereotypes without forfeiting your strengths. Here are four approaches you might consider to dispel career age gap stereotypes.

    1. Hone Communication Skills

    This doesn’t just mean talking, which can turn into lecturing if you are not careful. It also means listening. What you do with the information you gather while listening can make a world of difference when dealing with age misconceptions and career age gaps.

    2. Be Respectful

    Respectis essential for a productive workplace environment. They’re likely to shed preconceived notions that they have about and career age gaps you when you show respect for others ideas. Respect has the potential to become a two-way street. You may find your ideas being valued in return.

    3. Stay Flexible 

    Cultivate an open mind. Experience is an asset, but if it becomes a dogma, it can stifle growth and initiative. It’s the adage of answering the question, “Why do you do it this way?” with “Because that’s the way I’ve always done it.” An open mind will impress your boss and coworkers.

    4. Keep Learning

    This may include obtaining additional training. Technology has dramatically changed the landscape in most workplaces as well as at colleges. Have you stayed abreast of the latest developments in your industry? A good idea is to make an assessment of your skills and your field. You may be able to use your experience to gain college credits. With an inventory of your skills you can make the right decisions about where additional training will serve you best.

    Consider that “over the hill” today means you’re a good climber with a valuable perspective. Enjoy the view.

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