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    This Holiday Season, Work on Ways to Be Thankful…and See How Gratitude Can Contribute to Your Career Path

    Gratitude is an attitude. It helps you look at and be pleased by what is right with the world. You may know people who feel and share gratitude and find they are well regarded during their career. Being grateful for your job, your health, and your family emits optimism. It can help make you feel better despite the situation you are in at the moment. This holiday season, work on some new ways to be thankful. You could even find that gratitude plays a role in your future career path. Here are some ideas you might find helpful:

    Make Gratitude an Everyday Practice 

    Don’t reserve gratitude for holiday seasons. Make it a daily practice. You can begin by focusing on others. Observe. Listen. What do you see that stands out? Making eye contact while talking with someone shows respect. Saying “thank you” shows appreciation. For instance, one way to show gratitude is to maintain eye contact while telling someone, “Thank you for taking the time to discuss this challenge with me. It helped me find a better solution.” Pretty simple, right? Gratitude can help open doors.

    Build Rapport Through Gratitude 

    Networks are important to cultivate on any career path. How can you incorporate gratitude in your networks of friends, colleagues, and clients? Maybe it could be something as easy as offering help to a stressed out boss or coworker, or seeking common ground when meeting new people. Building rapport through gratitude means that you appreciate other people’s perspectives. A typical phrase might be, “I’m glad you asked that…” or “That’s a good approach I never considered.”

    Lead With Gratitude 

    Be grateful for the team that helps you get where you want to go. You can find that gratitude is reciprocated with loyalty and effective productivity. Even if you don’t have anyone who reports to you now, treat those around you with respect and show them how much you appreciate what they do. If you are leading a meeting, thank people for arriving on time, for being prepared, or for asking insightful questions.

    If you are not the one leading the team, demonstrate these behaviors to show gratitude for the leader’s time. Share news and information with people who you think will be interested in it. Such behavior becomes a part of your reputation, which will follow you throughout your career.

    Stay Humble and Authentic 

    A genuine expression of gratitude is heartfelt and sincere without much thought of “what’s in it for me.” The recipients of such authenticity may be more loyal and effective team members, as they want to help each other and the organization. They could also tend to find reasons to be thankful themselves.

    It’s okay to admit that you don’t know everything. Many professionals may be asking: “Where are the teachable managers?” In today’s competitive work environment, some are stymied by their sensitivity to criticism or are driven by arrogance. Gratitude allows you to demonstrate interest and enthusiasm for other people’s ideas. When deadlines need to be met, humility can be one key to mobilizing a team. When team members know they are appreciated, they could be more likely to stand with you and take an interest in your career development.

    Learn With Gratitude 

    Be grateful for challenges and opportunities. For education and training. What you learn is in part based on your ability to ask questions and be curious. Find people, classes, and projects that push you to learn more. Showing your gratitude can be as simple as mentioning something you learned while talking with a colleague, attending a class, or working on a project.

    Get Motivated by Gratitude 


    Being thankful can serve as a motivator to do more tomorrow. Gratitude often infuses people with the ability to be flexible, change, innovate, and grow. When you brighten someone’s day you both feel good.

    What you focus on is what you experience. When your energy and attention goes towards what’s right, you bring a positive approach and perspective to problem solving. The more focused you become on being grateful, the more inspired you become to do great things. Happy holidays!

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