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    Making a major career change can be daunting. However, many of those who have been brave enough to take the plunge would likely encourage others to follow in their footsteps, as it could be the difference between a career that stagnates and one that flourishes. 

    Not everyone can be fortunate enough to find an individual like this to advise them throughout their career, but luckily, we  have access to resources such as online stores, local bookstores, or the public library. Below is a list of the top five books to guide you in your career change, as chosen by those who have been there, done that, and found success.


    1. Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type by Paul D. Tieger 

    This book not only claims to have helped hundreds of thousands of people discover a fulfilling career, but it also gets rave reviews from those who have used it to find satisfying work. Do What You Are helps identify your personality type  based on how you make decisions, process information, and interact with others to identify careers that are a good fit. It also offers tips on finding a career mentor, workbook exercises, and real-life examples to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each of the 16 personality types illustrated in the book. It explains how to best tailor your job search to your strengths, making a positive change in a short timeframe.

    2. Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life by Spencer Johnson, MD 

    The author recognizes that change often makes people uncomfortable and wrote this book to provide the tools and language to address change with less anxiety. Who Moved My Cheese presents these tools in such a way that also compels readers to accept change in how they receive information. For those considering a major career change, this book helps remove the fear from the future and impending change to help you move forward and embrace change to further your career.  

    3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey 

    This book has been inspiring people for almost three decades—and for good reason. The author was named one of TIME Magazine’s 25 most influential people, and the book has sold more than 20 million copies. It focuses on the idea of a paradigm shift, regarding how you perceive and act toward a number of traits, including time management, productivity, and positive thinking. The book focuses on both personal and professional development, highlighting how each overlaps with the other, and helping you find your desired path to become well-rounded in both your career and personal life. 

    4. What Color is Your Parachute? 2015: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard N. Bolles 

    The newly updated publication includes up-to-date information on the job market and real-life strategies for landing your ideal job. Based on its “Flower Exercise,” that takes a self-inventory of the reader, What Color is Your Parachute, provides individualized guidance on resumes and cover letters, networking and interviewing, and salary negotiation. It tackles specific circumstances affecting almost any job-seeker to help find success, from career mentoring to career change. The 2015 edition even includes information for veterans returning to civilian careers and how to navigate the unique challenges they face. 

    5.What Should I Do with My Life?: The True Story of People Who Answered the Ultimate Questionby Po Bronson 

    If you are considering a major career change or other life-altering leap, this book may be just the inspiration you need. The author recounts the true stories of 50 real people who have made such a leap and subsequent discovery, and includes great examples of career mentoring. It examines the importance (or lack thereof) of money and intellectual challenge, and considers the idea of one’s destiny. If you are looking for advice from professionals who have made the ultimate career change, this book is full of them. 

    All of these career resources are readily available on Amazon.com, at any major bookstore, or your local library. With access to these books, the decision to change careers can be a little less daunting. So, take your pick, and get ready to be inspired to launch your new career.

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