• The Upward Trend in Jobs for MBA Graduates

    By Hannah Hamilton 

    Monster Contributing Writer

    The job market’s getting hotter for MBA graduates, a global survey found. The Graduate Management Admission Council found that 75 percent of the 935 companies surveyed planned to hire recent MBA students, up from 71 percent in 2012 and 50 percent in 2009. Per company, MBA hires were expected to increase from 11.4 percent in 2012 to 14.6 percent in 2013. The trend holds true in the U.S., too. More than 90 percent of companies in the Northeast say they want to hire recent MBA grads, the survey says, and the South will see the most growth in demand for non-MBA business master’s.

    The sectors showing the most growth in MBA hires are also new areas for growth — energy and health care. Some energy jobs available for grads are database analyst, market manager and project developers. In health care, employers are looking for MBA candidates to fill positions as hospital administrators, health care consultants and health information managers.

    Career experts also see other places where jobs are being sought out and filled by MBA graduates, in part thanks to new technology. “The information age's onset of content marketing and a need for a strong online presence led to an increase in information systems,” says Nikki Robinson at udemy, a site dedicated to helping college graduations find positions in the professional world. “And for every business system, you'll need supervisors, coordinators, managers, etc. MBA graduates are often strong candidates.”

    Jennifer Bevan, of JCB Coaching, agrees. “Management consulting and finance roles continue to attract MBAs, but there's been a trend towards roles related to technology and innovation,” she says. “Amazon.com was one of the top hiring firms at UCLA Anderson last year.”

    Historically, MBA grads can expect a higher salary than other graduates, and the survey showed that continued in 2013. The median base salary for an MBA grad in 2013 is $95,000. That’s $25,000 more than non-business master’s graduates and $43,000 more than a bachelor’s grad.

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