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    There’s a complete section in Kaplan University’s Career Moves on researching your profession and career of choice. A key step we recommend at Kaplan University is to always try to reach out to professionals in your chosen field and talk to them about their careers. What does a typical day look like? What are some of the challenges they’ve encountered or steps they’ve taken that have helped them? These questions are a great way to start the discussion.

    With access to the Internet, it’s become even easier to hear from professionals outside your network on how they feel about their careers and what a typical (or not-so-typical) day may be like. That’s the case in a blog post recently written by a nurse case  manager. Not only does this blogger talk about what a typical day looks like for her, she also speaks to some of her views on the benefits of nursing and some of the next steps she herself is considering to advance her career. Whatever the stage of your professional journey, you should seek out articles and blog posts such as this to continually gain perspective on your profession, or a profession you are considering.

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