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    What Do You Wish Someone Might Have Told You Before Your First Day of Work?


    So, you are almost ready to begin your new career, and maybe you’ve secured that first job already. Is there anything else you should be thinking of beyond a resume and cover letter, or your new briefcase and professional attire to start your new career journey? Absolutely! You want to start off with proper expectations of the job.

    Network, listen, and learn. Networking has become a commonly used word in referencing what to do to drum up business or look for a job. But you can also leverage your network for insight on how to succeed in your profession. And you can never gain too much insight. People will have different opinions about any given job or profession. That breadth of perspectives can be very valuable to you.

    At some point, many of us think to ourselves, “I wish someone had told me that before.” Well, there is a way to minimize those experiences, and that’s by putting yourself out there and asking for advice. Identify people you know in the company you are working at or aspire to work at, as well as individuals who have done that job before. Send out an email or a message on LinkedIn. And remember to talk to as many people as you can in your network, not just those you are certain have performed the role before. Individuals change careers and may have experience in your field that you may not be aware of. There can be a lot of value in speaking both to people currently employed in your field and those who have left it.

    Once you’ve identified some people to speak with, ask that big, yet basic question: “What do you wish someone would have told you about your job or career when you started?” You may get varied opinions, but all should be considered. It’s up to you to discern what advice will be most helpful to you. One blogger wrote about shifting careers from teaching and provided some good advice on what to expect in your first year in the classroom—advice she wished someone had shared with her.

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