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    Maintain the Momentum You've Built Through the Year

    Given all the celebrations and priorities tugging at your attention during the holidays, it’s easy to lose sight of yourself and your goals.

    The good news is you don’t have to. Instead, take advantage and precaution to ensure that you benefit from this time of year. Don’t get distracted to the point of hurting your well-being or risk losing ground of what you’ve achieved during the year. Here are some Career Moves articles to help you do just that:

    • Balancing Act – Managing Work, School, Family and Everything in Between—Balancing all the important things you hold dear can be a challenge on an everyday basis. The holidays don’t make it any easier. Learn about four key principles to abide by and follow that can make the difference in achieving proper work and life balance during the holidays as well as those days in between.
    • Protecting Your Profile: Tips for Online Reputation Management—Protecting your online reputation during the holiday season can be especially important. Friends, coworkers, and acquaintances are posting and sharing on social media sites. You may find certain individuals to be especially giving, including posting some comments with your name associated in ways that could potentially damage your professional reputation. Read about how to take control and avoid potential risks.  
    • How to Incorporate Wellness Into Your Workplace—Wellness should be a yearlong priority, but the holidays can at times bring additional stress. Whether you are running yourself thin because of several competing priorities on your plate, find yourself covering for peers on vacation, or just have less time to complete your work, the holidays can initiate unique issues that affect employees’ wellbeing. Betty Harrison, MA, CWWS, CWWPM, chair of the Health and Wellness and Nutrition Sciences Departments at Kaplan University provides her perspective, including four key wellness areas to focus on, that help promote wellness in the workplace.
    • Appreciate Hard Work—How to Show Gratitude in Daily Life—Gratitude and the associated feelings and emotions are said to have that positive effect on individuals. Gratitude lends a positive perspective on every day occurrences in your personal life as well as your professional goals and aspirations. It can act as a powerful source of energy and driver in helping you pursue your goals. Take the time to read this article that helps discusses reasons to be thankful and how to share those feelings in a positive way  help you pursue your career goals. 

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