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    People choose degree programs for different reasons, but most hope to work in the area they went to school for. However, what you study in college doesn’t always determine your career path. You may have a change of heart or an opportunity that leads you into a new career direction. At Kaplan University we offer a variety of programs, and our Admissions and Education Advisors strive to provide you with the information you need about our programs. Education advisors also work one-on-one with students and help guide them along their education path. It’s important to know what career you wish to enter before enrolling in any degree program. Still, sometimes people change their minds halfway into a program or after they graduate.

    If you ever find yourself thinking of changing careers, consider the reasons you want to make a change and try to speak to someone already in your field of interest. Taking these steps can help you be sure you want to make the switch. Also seek opportunities to get some experience in your field. You may find an opportunity that is not what you are looking for at the moment, but could help pave the way for other opportunities. It may not be what you wanted to do after graduating, but you never know what can come out of that opportunity and you may actually enjoy it more.

    A recent blog post offers an example of someone who changed her career after graduating by taking an opportunity she hadn’t gone to college for. The blogger writes about her experience studying sociology and wanting to be a social worker, but then finding a job working in the accounting field and loving it.She blogs about her love for accounting and the flexibility it offers her. She also describes what led her to land a job in accounting even though it was not her original career choice.

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