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    At Kaplan University we believe that getting an education can foster opportunities to launch, enhance, or change careers. In addition, going to college can help you gain critical thinking skills to apply to real-life situations or solve real-world problems. The process of studying and learning could help expand your knowledge.

    Getting an education not only prepares you for a career, but also improves your critical-thinking and communication skills. While pursuing your education, you are reading, engaging with others, and digesting information. These activities build skills that can help you solve problems within your chosen field. Your assignments and studies could help you enhance your critical thinking or look at things or situations in different ways. By facing questions in your assignments you are tasked with providing the best answer possible, and that usually requires absorbing and retrieving knowledge you have acquired in your studies to provide a solution or answer.

    One blogger recently posted about how earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) changed the way she views the world and helped advance her career in management and business.  Her passion for what she was learning in her business classes started to pique her curiosity about everything. She would find herself wondering how companies and organizations she interacted with were managing their businesses. After learning how businesses function and how they are managed, she applied critical thinking  to how businesses operated even though they were not her own. Click here to read this blog post about how earning a degree enhanced one person’s perspectives.

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