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    As a primarily adult education institution, Kaplan University sees a fair share of career changers, including individuals who are at certain phases of their lives where they begin to reflect on where they want to go next. “Empty nesting” is certainly one of those life moments. If you are not familiar with the term, it’s commonly used when all the children of a family have left the home, whether to live on their own or go away to school, and parents are now faced with a different family and home dynamic.

    While some empty nesters feel at a loss, others view it with excitement. In either case this may become one of those life moments in which a parent begins to reflect on his or her own life, career, and future. This is the subject of a blog post  where a new phase of life led someone to consider becoming a high school teacher. It’s not uncommon for moms considering new career choices to end up in teaching. If they’ve been volunteering in their children’s schools and interacting with children and teachers, they’ve become somewhat familiar with the environment. If they’ve enjoyed it, it becomes a natural fit.

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