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    Lifelong learning has become essential for many professionals. It keeps you alert to best practices, ahead of your competitors and in-demand in your industry. Continuing your education opens up the possibility to earn degrees and certificates that meet industry regulations, license requirements and renewal of licenses.

    For example, a bachelor’s degree in business administration may broaden your scope of understanding beyond your existing focus area. Such is the case if you are on the sales side or mortgage end of real estate. Your knowledge is sharpened every day by your work and transactions. A degree in business with a real estate specialization can allow you to expand into more areas including market analysis, finance, legal processes, real estate appraisals and preparation for obtaining a broker license. The implications of such a degree and the opportunities it affords may lie beyond your current situation. That's just one reason why an advanced degree is so valuable.

    Finding the right educational partner may depend on the types of programs offered, but also where they are offered and when. Busy professionals are constantly meeting multiple demands. It’s often hard to find the right course at the right time. You want to find an educational partner that meets your needs for flexibility, easy access and support.

    What to Look for in an Educational Partner

    Consider the following when searching for an educational partner: 

    • Check to see if the institution is accredited by a reputable body such as The Higher Learning Commission.
    • Do they publish an annual academic report that shows an ongoing commitment to student outcomes?
    • Find out who leads the institution and what experience the faculty has in general as well as in the area you want to pursue. In addition to teaching expertise, do they have real-world experience as well?
    • In addition, are the courses you want to take offered in locations near you, on campus and online? If the courses are online, is the technology easy to use and updated as necessary? 
    • Also important: What kind of academic support is offered? Will you have access to cutting-edge learning facilities, a library, and career services to help you pursue a career after you earn your degree? Are the advisors responsive and helpful?

    If you find all of these to be in the affirmative it is likely you may have found yourself a good lifelong educational partner!

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