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    Decisiveness On a Career Choice Can Be Difficult


    Selecting a career can be a lifelong process.  While this is often true for a younger college student, it’s also true for an adult who’s decided to go back to school. There can be days, months, and even years of considering what career to choose. While the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average person may change jobs more than ten times in a lifetime, most people don’t think about all the different roles they may play after their initial career choice. When choosing a career, people tend to think about it as a lifelong commitment.

    That being said, the best way to approach a career choice is to do some research and give yourself some time. It’s best to properly think about it than to rush into a decision. And as you take time for that consideration, it sometimes just comes to you. A recent blog post speaks to that very experience. As a senior in college a woman wondered whether she had made the right choice in pursuing a nursing degree. She had considered becoming a writer and rather than rush to complete her bachelor’s degree in nursing, she decided to take time to ponder that decision. In her case, a life milestone triggered her decision, and confirmed that nursing was indeed for her.

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