• Career Change Reasons

    Don’t Rely on Assumptions to Set Career Expectations

    People have many reasons for changing careers. Some have to do with unrealistic expectations about a career or not having enough information about a career. Other reasons include life circumstances or not feeling fulfilled in a current career. Unrealistic expectations about a career can happen for many reasons. Loving a subject in school and romanticizing the career choices available after completing a degree can contribute to unrealistic expectations.

    To keep expectations realistic, make sure to research as much as you can about the degree. Speak to others already working in the field you are looking to enter. Conduct an Internet search and visit sites like the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you are in college, reach out to your college's career services center and ask for information. You should also make sure to look for the latest information, salary, work environment, and trends in the career that you are preparing for.

    You may also encounter life circumstances that require you to search for higher-paying opportunities. The salary for the career you are working toward may not be what you expected, or you may live in an area where the salary is significantly lower than average. If you don’t have financial obligations other than yourself, you may be satisfied with a lower salary. Unfortunately, if you are in a situation where you need to make a certain amount of money, a career change may be appealing. Before making a career change based on salary, it is still important to make sure to also understand the new career. You don’t want to make a change that you will later regret, so take the time to do your research or ask others working in the field you are looking to enter about what you should expect.

    Whatever the reason, some people find themselves looking for a change in career. Whether they thought they would be doing something more meaningful, had unrealistic expectations, or needed to make more money, information is the key. Here is one blog post where the blogger changed her career goals after getting married and realizing that to live comfortably she would need to change her career. She reached out to her mother, who was in the education field, and asked her for advice. She changed her career to education quickly, but not before seeking the advice of others in the field. Click here to read her blog post. You may find her perspective on making a career change interesting.

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