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    The Only Constant Is Change


    Life happens—things get in the way of original plans or unexpected change occurs. “The only thing that is constant is change.” You may have heard this quote from Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher in ancient times. Today this statement still rings true, specifically in a person’s career. Given changes in the economy, technology, and personal circumstances, you may find yourself considering a career change and asking “what’s next?” A number of adult learners come back to school to pursue a career change . . . getting back to an original goal, shifting with the times, or taking their next step in advancement.

    Change is not necessarily easy but it is certainly possible. We see this at Kaplan University with our students and alumni. We hear many reasons for students coming back to school for a career change—wanting more time with children, seeking a benefit their current job may not provide, or being more confident and knowledgeable of their passions and wanting to pursue a career associated with those. And of course, a large segment of adult learners hope to advance into a managerial position. A degree can sometimes close gaps in knowledge, sharpen skills, or build leadership competencies, giving you an edge for that promotion.

    Regardless of the reason, one common denominator of adult learners is that they come to us with life experience. Experience brings confidence in knowing what kind of job you want to do (and what kind you don’t want to do). And, while many people experience doubts about going back to school, once those feelings of hesitation are gone, the focus and discipline of an experienced adult can be of great benefit. Here’s a blog post about a woman with that sort of life experience. Marriage and illness prompted quick decisions, but now she’s pursuing a new educational and career goal.

    Click here to read the blog post.

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