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    There is a misconception that obtaining a bachelor's or master's degree is only for young adults just out of high school or college. But in the fast-changing world we live in, this simply is no longer the case.  Going back to school, even over age 50, is a great way to propel yourself forward in your current field or make a smart change in your career altogether. Earning a degree when you already have work and life experience could provide you with an advantage. It may seem daunting now, but here are a few reasons why going back to school could be a great decision for you.

    You need a change. Chances are you spend the majority of your free time and energy cultivating your children's happiness and interests. You can't forget about yourself! If you are feeling stuck in your current job role, or perhaps you are out of the work force raising your children, obtaining an advanced degree could be a great way to advance yourself to a higher position-or toward a future career.

    Perhaps you feel that you are in the wrong professional place altogether. Attend seminars, workshops, and consider career counseling to help figure out the best field for you. When you are sure of what you want to do, you could consider signing up for online or evening classes to fit into your busy schedule. There is no stigma in changing career paths in midlife. You deserve to feel happy and fulfilled just as much as everyone else around you.  Enlist your family to support you in your goals!

    You need to make more money. Perhaps your motivation for going back to school is to increase your income. While you will need to spend a bit of money upfront to cover the cost of classes, the payoff could be well worth it. Before signing up, do some research to figure out how much money people with certain degrees or certifications in your field make. If money is your motivation, you'll want to make sure the increase will be enough to justify going back to school. Consider asking your company to help pay for your education. If you agree to stay with them for a certain amount of time and if the degree you are pursuing will help improve skills and learning applicable to your job, some companies will help subsidize the costs.

    You feel your skills are going to waste. Maybe you are someone who sympathizes with the elderly or loves helping people but somehow you ended up in the corporate world. That doesn't mean you can't change paths and go after what you feel you are meant to do. You can obtain your RN or CNA with partial online courses. Maybe you love computers and technology but are lacking up-to-date skills to pursue a career. IT programs are widely available online and at night.

    Since adult education is becoming more necessary, it is also becoming much more convenient. Going to class all day, everyday is no longer the norm. The work you do should make you happy, so create a goal and go after it!

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