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    When an adult goes back to school to pursue a degree, his or her experience may differ from that of someone coming right out of college. Conflicting priorities and more complicated life circumstances may present a challenge. You can help yourself overcome such challenges by putting it all into perspective.

    At Kaplan University we have military students, working parents, single parents, students with full-time jobs, and some with more than one job. Each one of those circumstances can bring a set of challenges when attending school, whether it’s a sick child or a new priority or project at work that requires more attention. The chance of time conflict is simply greater in these circumstances.

    Yet we’ve seen students address these challenges with a great deal of drive and resolve, staying focused on attaining their educational and associated career goals. An online institution like ours offers the benefit of a flexible schedule. But while you can get on your computer anytime, online learning requires the same amount of time and commitment as a traditional college. And getting fewer hours of sleep in order to complete assignments requires the sort of discipline and commitment adult learners often have a lot of.

    Adult learners also often understand that challenges need to be directly encountered to be overcome. Confronting challenges is key to putting things in perspective, regardless of how far outside your comfort zone doing so may be. For example, reaching out at a time of need, such as when you are behind in assignments or you don’t understand the subject matter, can be difficult for less experienced students who don’t understand that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. In those circumstances, it’s important to communicate with teachers and advisors and take advantage of available resources and support. It’s not a sign of weakness to do so; it’s a sign of maturity and commitment to goals.

    Challenges don’t usually stop those driven to succeed. Those with resolve to attain the end goal will put things in perspective and address difficulties head on. It’s exciting to hear from those who have done just that. A blog post at the end of last year describes how a woman from North Dakota worked on her fifth degree while having her husband in the hospital and a young child to care for. That could have proven too much for anyone, but she puts things in perspective with her end goal of graduating in mind. She provides some advice in her blog post that you might find of value.

    Click here to read the blog post.


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