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    Theodore C. Alex, PhD

    Dr. Theodore C. Alex has been involved in online education since 1998. He has been an educator and administrator at several midwestern universities over the past 20 years. Dr. Alex has worked as a consultant for a broad range of companies and not-for-profit organizations. His experience has helped enhance what he does in the classroom, especially as it relates to the application of theory to real-world scenarios. His first love is being a professor and his mission is to facilitate academic success for his students.

    As a father to two stepchildren, Dr. Alex has been privileged to be part of the process of raising them to become happy and successful adults.

    Dean’s Message:
    “Having been a professor over the course of his career, Dr. Alex has been able to influence and change the lives (for the better) of thousands of students. The continuous positive feedback he has received over time reminds him of what a rewarding field he has the honor to work in. His career with Kaplan University started in 2005 as a part-time adjunct faculty member. He has been a full-time faculty member since mid-2010. As a researcher, he has published and presented on a wide variety of business-related topics.”

    PhD, Business Administration, University of Arkansas
    Master of Business Administration, Central Michigan University
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Central Michigan University

    Previous experience as an independent business consultant

    Areas of Teaching:

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