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    Tanae Wolo-Acolatse, PhD

    Dr. Tanae Wolo-Acolatse started her accounting career in the paper industry and spent over 20 years in various leadership positions in financial accounting and business analysis. In 2010, she started a consulting company with a focus on assisting small businesses and 501(c)(3) organizations in accounting, taxes, and business start-up consulting. As an educator, Dr. Wolo-Acolatse is committed to teaching, empowering, and motivating her students to take a proactive approach to learning by analyzing real-world accounting practices theoretically, emphasizing written communication and student involvement. She has taught undergraduate and graduate Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting, Internal and External Auditing, Taxation, and Fraud Examination. Her most recent published work was a featured article in the Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Journal entitled “Exploring the Relationship Between Earnings Management and White-Collar Crime: A Literature Review.”

    When not teaching, Dr. Wolo-Acolatse is active in the community, conducting training seminars and workshops for small businesses and 501(c)(3) organizations in accounting, taxes, and small business setup. She is an active leader in her church, the Nation of Christ Believers Fellowship, located in Dacula, Georgia. Dr. Wolo-Acolatse is married and has three children.

    PhD, Accounting, Walden University
    MBA in Accounting, Troy University
    Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration/Accounting Concentration, Talladega College


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