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  • BS - Theodore Alex

    Theodore Alex, PhD

    Dr. Alex's career with Kaplan University started in 2005 as a part-time adjunct faculty member. He has been a full-time faculty member since mid-2010. 

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    BS - Tilahun Ayanou

    Tilahun Ayanou, PhD

    Dr. Ayanou has taught a variety of economics and business courses in on-campus, hybrid, and online classrooms since the mid-1990s.

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    Joyce Boone

    Joyce Boone has over 20 years of experience working in the nonprofit, organizational, and teaching arenas. 

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    BS - Sharon Brown

    Sharon Brown

    Sharon Brown is a coadvisor for the Student Accounting Association (SAA) working closely with students as a professor and professional mentor.

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    Richard Carter

    Dr. Richard Carter has been with Kaplan University since 2004. He is active in research activities and in the past 2 years has published in the areas of macroeconomics and finance.

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    BS - Sam DiGiammarino

    Sam DiGiammarino

    Mr. Sam DiGiammarino is a member of the American Management Association and has owned several successful private businesses.

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    Jack Deem, DBA

    Dr. Jack Deem is the academic department chair in the strategic management and marketing department for the School of Business and Information Technology.

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    BS - Sean Doyle

    Sean Doyle, PhD

    Mr. Doyle's discipline areas of interest include: organizational strategy, customer relationship management, and service delivery. 

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    BS - BlakeEscudier

    Blake Escudier, PhD

    Dr. Escudier is a professional academic who applies many of the concepts and theories he presents within his courses.

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    Charles A. Fail

    Dr. Fail is a true entrepreneurial scholar-practitioner.  He is currently authoring a book on entrepreneurship.

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    Jaclyn Felder-Strauss

    Jaclyn Felder-Strauss, a certified public accountant in the State of Florida, is an accounting instructor in the School of Business and Information Technology. .

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    BS - Aaron Hochanadel

    Aaron Hochanadel

    Aaron Hochanadel is a full-time faculty member in the School of Business and Information Technology. He is also one of the presenters for the new Student Success Seminars.

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    Jason Jackson, PhD

    Dr. Jason Jackson is a full-time operations management professor in Kaplan University’s School of Business, where he started as an adjunct professor in June 2006.

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    Susan Knapp, PhD

    Dr. Susan Knapp has over 25 years of human resource management experience.

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    BS - Linda Leatherbury

    Linda Leatherbury, PhD

    Dr. Linda Leatherbury loves teaching and believes that everyone can learn. She  was noted in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers in 2002 and 2003

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    Broderick Martinez, DBA

    Dr. Broderick Martinez has over 25 years of experience in the fields of accounting, finance, and management.

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    BS - Martin McDermott

    Martin McDermott, PhD

    Mr. McDermott has been teaching for Kaplan University since 2005. In 2008, he was selected for the Outstanding Faculty Award at Kaplan University. 

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    BS - Maria Minor

    Maria Minor, DM

    Dr. Minor is currently a full time professor in the School of Business and Information Technology. She has been a course lead for Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior courses.

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    BS - Ernest Norris

    Ernest Norris, PhD

    Dr. Norris received Kaplan's Faculty Recognition Award in 2007 and Kaplan's Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award in 2008.

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    BS - Michelle Reinhardt

    Michelle Reinhardt

    Michelle Reinhardt currently serves as a full-time instructor in the School of Business and Information Technology at Kaplan University. She has been published in The American Journal of Business Education.

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    BS - Dennis Strouble

    Dennis D. Strouble, PhD

    Dr. Strouble is a full-time faculty member in the School of Business and Information Technology and teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses.

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    Jerry Taylor

    Mr. Taylor is an accomplished expert in the world of finance and a full-time faculty member in the School of Business and Information Technology.

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    Cynthia Waddell, PhD

    Dr. Waddell has over 20 years’ experience conducting contract audits and investigating fraud.

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    Kimberly Gehrke, PhD

    Dr. Kimberly Gehrke began teaching at Kaplan University in 2005 and is currently a full-time human resources management faculty member.

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    BS - AndryceZurick

    Andryce Zurick, PhD

    Ms. Zurick has worked with Sprint as a Network Engineer, Regional Data Sales Manager and an Emerging Technology Manager, and with Verizon as a Senior Strategic Markets Account Manager.

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    Dr. David Adu-Boateng

    Dr. David Adu-Boateng is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

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    Cuneyt Altinoz

    Dr. Altinoz’s research interests include supply chain management and creating mathematical models for economic analysis.

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    BS - Bea Bourne

    Bea Bourne, DM

    Dr. Bourne is a member of the Kaplan University’s marketing task force charged with creating greater awareness of the Kaplan University marketing courses. 

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    Bus - Rachel Byers

    Dr. Rachel Byers

    Dr. Rachel Byers has taught for multiple online and brick and mortar schools prior to starting with Kaplan University in 2011.

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    Steven Cates, DBA

    Dr. Cates has 30 years experience working in human resources and over 25 years of college-level teaching experience.

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    BS - Jimmie Flores

    Jimmie Flores, PhD

    Dr. Jimmie Flores is a seasoned organizational development and project management professional with more than 20 years of business experience.

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    BS - Catherine Flynn

    Catherine Flynn, PhD

    Dr. Flynn has more than 20 years of experience in higher education and has taught at a number of online and campus institutions during her teaching career.

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    BS - Crystal Gifford

    Crystal Gifford, DBA, CFP®

    Dr. Crystal Cooley Gifford, CFP® has served students, clients, and businesses in the financial industry since the late 1990s.

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    BS - Alfred Greenfield

    Alfred Greenfield, PhD

    Dr. Alfred Greenfield has been a faculty member for the Kaplan University Accounting Department within the School of Business and Information Technology since 2005.

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    Rita Gunzelman, DM

    Dr. Gunzelman is a full-time professor in the School of Business and Information Technology and has worked for Kaplan University since the inception of the MBA program.

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    Rebecca Herman, PhD

    With over 25 years of relevant leadership experience, Dr. Herman has had a progressive career in various roles, organizations, and industries. 

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    BS - Bruce Kuhlman

    Bruce Kuhlman, PhD, CFA®, CAIA

    Dr. Bruce Kuhlman taught undergraduate and graduate corporate finance and investments for 16 years prior to joining Kaplan Schweser in 2002.

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    BS - Heather Luea

    Heather Luea, PhD

    Dr. Heather Luea is the recipient of numerous awards, honors, and research grants both as a graduate student and professor.

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    BS - Anna Machuca

    Ana Machuca, PhD

    Dr. Ana Machuca has over 20 years of experience in the fields of accounting and finance. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). 

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    Craig McCoy

    Since 2001, Dr. Craig McCoy has been teaching graduate courses at Kaplan University both in the physical and virtual classroom.

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    Carol Schubert, DBA

    Dr. Schubert works full-time for Kaplan University as a business instructor. She also serves as a course lead, and faculty advisor for the Kaplan University student association of Net Impact.

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    Joel D. Olson, PhD

    Dr. Olson serves as a department chair and faculty member, managing the master's degree in management program.

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    BUS-Ilene Ringler

    Ilene Ringler, DM

    Dr. Ringler teaches in the MBA program and has over 30 years of experience in the field of business and individual growth.

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    Stanley W. Self

    Dr. Self began teaching after a successful career in the US Navy. He has been with Kaplan University as instructor and course lead since 2010.

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    BS - Jeff Tyler

    Jeff Tyler

    Mr. Jeff Tyler is a semi-retired Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 30 years’ extensive project management experience in a variety of industries.

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    BS - Geoffrey  Vanderpal

    Geoffrey VanderPal, DBA, CFP, CTP, CLU

    Dr. VanderPal has more than two decades of professional financial and business experience and over a decade of experience teaching online and on-ground courses.

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    BS - Daynell Weaver

    Danyell Weaver, PhD

    Dr. Danyell Weaver serves as the academic department chair for the Master of Science in Finance and the Master of Science in Accounting programs.

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    Dr. Tanae Wolo-Acolatse

    Dr. Tanae Wolo-Acolatse has spent over 20 years in various leadership positions in financial accounting and business analysis.

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