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    Kaplan University's School of Business and Information Technology published several articles this year that provided insight on business in general as well as advice on accomplishing success in different business professions. We also brought articles that provided outlooks to our students and graduates on the future of certain professions and industry perspectives from experts to provide you with the knowledge to help further your career.

    Below are some of the readers’ favorites. We encourage you to read and share these before the year is over.


    #5 – From Pupil to Professional

    Student Advisory Report

    Does a student’s success in the classroom automatically translate into success as a professional in the market? According to Steven Cates, one of the faculty members in the School of Business and Information Technology, it can. Implementing programs that give students the opportunity to develop business skills and acumen and connecting them with established professionals in their field are just some ways he believes faculty can be instrumental in helping students succeed once they are ready to enter the job market.

    Read this article on ways in which students can leverage the classroom and their time at school towards success in the marketplace.

    #4 – The Advisory Report

    Student Advisory Report

    The School of Business and Information Technology, in collaboration with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), released the third and final installment in a series of student advisory reports, titled "If I Were You." It focused on insights from top employers across various industries on the key personality attributes and professional skills when it comes to hiring for business and information technology (IT) positions in their company.

    Read a top line of the findings or the full report here.

    #3 – Ever Evolving Field of Accounting


    There seems to be a misperception at times that accounting is a narrow field. Accounting professionals, however, have played critical and varied roles in several organizations. Current evolving circumstances and factors like technology, national legislation, and terrorist acts have made accountants a sought after profession by a diverse number of employers.

    Read about how accounting has evolved and where some believe it’s headed.

    #2 – Keeping It Balanced


    A positive and healthy outlook on your day can often be influenced by balance in your life. Balance can also affect productivity.

    Read our Dean’s perspective of adding balance to your life and how he has approached it successfully.

    #1 – A Recipe for Success: From the Expert


    Can you imagine having some of the top business minds as a personal mentor? Well, this article comes close in that we’ve gathered advice from some of the top minds in business today.

    Read some career tips and wise words from experts like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet on what helped them succeed.



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    And if you are considering pursuing higher education we invite you to find out more about Kaplan University’s programs and explore our undergraduate and graduate degree offerings.

    It is important to note that certain business career paths are expected to grow and our business degrees are designed to strengthen your knowledge and prepare our students to advance their professions. But Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Several factors specific to a student’s or alumni’s backgrounds and actions, as well as economic and job conditions, affect employment. Also, keep in mind that national long-term projections covered in articles may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth.

    It’s equally important to note that the Bureau of Labor Statistics found a direct correlation between unemployment rates and educational attainment. Those in the job market with a degree are less likely to be unemployed and those with a graduate degree have the lowest unemployment rates in the market.

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