• Ellen Raineri, PhD

    The Millennials’ New Job Decree

    By Ellen Raineri, PhD, Instructor at Kaplan University
    Published January 2015

    According to Barron's, there are about 86 million millennials (defined by many demographers as an age range of 18 to 37) today, a number expected to grow to 88 million by 2000 (Doherty, 2013). Within this significant age category, there have been numerous studies that show the following statistics of millennials: 

    • 79% want to work for an employer who takes intent in its contribution to society, 
    • 64% feel an employer's corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities increases their loyalty, and 
    • 56% simply would not work for an irresponsible firm (Cone Communications, 2006). 

    Based upon those findings, with CSR initiatives being such significant factors to applicants, could it be that the job decree of millenniums has switched from "Show me the money" to "Show me the CSR?" To support this new decree, employers can be prepared to answer these 12 questions that might be posed by a millennial interviewee:

    • In addition to the CSR initiatives listed on your website, have there been any other initiatives?
    • Where would you like your CSR initiatives to be 5 years from now?
    • Does the company assist employees with CSR-e.g., in giving hours off to participate in CSR activities or in donating funds? As an example, PNC Bank recognizes both the value in permitting employees to decide on their own CSR initiatives and in offering paid time off for CSR. PNC shares a list of 200 organizations from which employees can choose to participate in CSR activities in paid time off that is based upon seniority.
    • May I see a copy of your CSR report? As an example, CISCO has a very robust CSR report and believes that CSR is part of its business.
    • Do you have any CSR expectations of your vendors? As an example, within Build-a-Bear's supply chain process, suppliers are not permitted to utilize slave labor or involuntary child labor.
    • Can you tell me about your green initiatives in the areas of green technology, green building, and recycling?
    • Does your company engage in fair trade?
    • Does your company monitor the working conditions of your offshore outsourcer-either directly or through the use of a third party like Vérité?
    • Are any of your CSR activities tied to your firm's core competencies?
    • What is the internal approval process that is followed for an employee recommended CSR activity?
    • Why does your firm engage in CSR?
    • Tell me about some of your most memorable CSR successes.

      Last, in preparation for your meeting with a millennial interviewee, it would be advantageous to have available a copy of your CSR report and testimonials from folks involved with your CSR initiatives. You might even let the interviewee speak with some of your employees who have been involved in CSR initiatives. If appropriate, you could also invite the interviewee to attend one of your upcoming CSR events.



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      Ellen Raineri is an instructor at Kaplan University. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not represent the view of Kaplan University.


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