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    Ever wondered what it is like to be a financial analysis student at Kaplan University’s School of Business and Information Technology? Rotunda McDowell—a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration student—shares her unique experience and insight into the program. 

    Why did you choose a career focus area in financial analysis?

    One of the reasons I chose to focus in financial analysis is because of my previous work experience. My employer at a former company gave me the opportunity to train on the financial aspects of the business because he thought I was a bright individual and could be successful. I also chose the field after I was offered a position at my last job as the accountant for the accounts payable group. I knew that an education would help further my career and offer more knowledge in the field.

    What are your professional goals at the moment?

    My professional and personal goals are all in the same for me. In 2006, I started a non-profit agency to help the homeless and those in need of housing assistance. My goal is to understand and run the business side of this organization so that it can be operationally and financially successful.

    What has been your biggest challenge as a student?

    Balancing work, home, and school is tough, but it can be done. I started attending Kaplan University in 2010 as a full time parent, student, and employee. At the time, my daughter was in high school, and participated in marching band and counsel activities. I wanted to support her and be there for her during her last three years of high school. I worked a full time job that I had been with for eight years and had month-end closings to meet as well as day to day work and meetings to attend. Most of the time, I studied late at night into the mornings to complete my assignments. Weekends were also busy with football games, studying, and sometimes working, but I somehow balanced it out with the help of the flexible class times offered at Kaplan University. Personal organization really made a difference for me.

    What are you most proud of as a student?

    As of this month, I have little less than one year left before graduation. Many ups and downs have happened along the way: sickness, loss of a job, death, and stress, but I am still holding on and pressing towards my graduation date. I made the Dean's List during my August 2012 semester with a 3.77 grade point average thanks to the support of Professor Jerry Taylor.  He is the greatest teacher that I have encountered at this University. I am a stronger student and candidate for the business world because of dedicated teachers like him.

    This testimonial was solicited by Kaplan University. Views and opinions stated herein are the individual’s and not necessarily those of Kaplan University. Individual student experiences may vary. 

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