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    Is Your Selection Process Performing Well?

    Selecting among many options is one of the most common decisions a manager faces, and aelection situations range from the mundane to the very critical. In this article, we look at some symptoms you may observe in your decision-making process.

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    BUS - Discovering the Best Talent

    Discovering the Best Talent–A Simple “How To”

    As an employer, how to you find the best talent to help your organization grow? Faculty member Dr. Ilene Ringler offers a 3-step process that can help increase your confidence in interviewing and hiring employees.

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    The Distance Learner Needs Synchronicity

    Much is being made of the use of asynchronous teaching as a result of the popularity of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offerings. Can MOOCs, or any online asynchronous teaching method be the best approach in teaching students?

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    Starting a Business

    Are You Searching for Some Independence in Your Career?

    Have you had enough of the 9 to 5 grind? Perhaps you’ve been laid off from your job, or you just don’t feel like your company has any loyalty toward you, despite all of your hard work, long hours and dedication.

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    MBA_New Business

    Using Your MBA to Start A New Business

    Whether you are inclined towards a career path within an established organization, or you have a more independent outlook and a certain itch to start your own business, arming yourself with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is worth considering.

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    Be a Better Boss

    How To Be A Better Boss

    Good bosses aren’t just born that way. Like any other job, being a supervisor requires education, training, and experience. If you want to become a strong leader and someone any colleague would be happy to work for, get started by following these tips.

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    BS - Virtual Teams

    Can You Trust Virtual Teams?

    Virtual teams are becoming more common in today's increasingly mobile work environment. While this provides a number of benefits, what does it take to make virtual teams work effectively?

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    BS - Cloud Economics

    Make Cloud Economics Part of Your Business Plan

    In the span of just a few years, the cloud has reinvented old ways of doing business and engendered entirely new models but it's important to remember that getting business value from the cloud requires more than signing up for iCloud.

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    BS - Knowledge is Power

    Knowledge Is Power: How Studying Finance Can Improve Your Life

    If you think the only people who need to understand finance are those who work in banking, it’s probably time you reconsidered your worldview.

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    BS - CSR

    Corporate Social Responsibility: Transforming Companies From Good to Great

    In the midst of a golden age of technology and innovation, from electric cars to new techniques for extracting shale gas and oil, great businesses are changing the way we live.

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    Financial Advisor

    Starting a Career as a Financial Advisor

    Discover some underlying trends as well as individual attributes of successful financial advisors that may help you determine whether this is the right career path for you.

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    CM - CEO Infographic

    The Road to the Top: How to Climb from Intern to CEO

    Getting to the top of a company’s hierarchy takes a lot of planning and skill (and sure, a bit of luck). This infographic maps out the essential skills and key steps to focus on as you progress through your career.

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    STEM Secret Bullet

    Is STEM the Silver Bullet for Women Interested in the C-Suite?

    If women pursue studies in STEM does it mean that they have a much higher likelihood of making it to the C-suite? Find out!

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    Should More Millennials Quit Their Jobs? Perhaps…

    The millennial generation are perceived to be chronic job hoppers but recent data reveals that they are actually staying longer with their employers.

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    Women in STEM

    Women in STEM: Filling the Skills Gap by Building Momentum Early

    A recent study found that women earned 57.2% of bachelor’s degrees in all fields in 2010 and 50.3% of science and engineering degrees. Yet more than half of the STEM degrees were in biology, leaving a void in areas such as computer science.

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    BS - Women in Leadership

    Women in Corporate Leadership: Where Are We Headed?

    Take a closer look at women who are succeeding in corporate leadership positions, the reasons behind their success and where they are headed.

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    BS - New HR

    The New Digital Landscape of Human Resources

    Here are the top tech trends that human resources experts say will continue to shape the role of the HR practitioner over the next decade—and how HR professionals can prepare for them.

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    Secret to Success

    The Secret to Success in Business—Leadership Across Generations

    Learn how successful leaders are dealing with the fastest-growing challenge in the workplace today—managing employees across three different generations.

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    Ellen Raineri, PhD

    “Show Me the CSR”–The Millennials’ New Job Decree

    Studies show that today's millenials are increasingly interested in their employer's corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Could it be that the job decree of millenniums has switched from “Show me the money” to “Show me the CSR?”

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    Bus - Kimberly Gehrke Walters

    Helping Employees Maintain Productivity in an Always On Global Workplace

    In a world of global business where time on the clock blurs with time off the clock, leaders have a practical interest in helping employees manage health-damaging stress.

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    Bus_Workplace Diversity

    Does Workplace Diversity Actually Impact a Business?

    As scholars have sought to quantify the economic effects of workplace diversity, a growing body of research suggests that diverse work environments boost employee performance and a business’s bottom line.

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    Encouraging Diversity

    Encouraging Diversity

    Ongoing efforts to create awareness about diversity have been made but many inequities continue to exist. Here are some strategies that can be used as a model to further increase diversity awareness.

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    2014 - Top 5 - Business

    Top 5 Business Articles for 2014

    Take a look at Kaplan University’s business articles from 2014 that garnered the most attention from our readers. Regardless of where you are or where you want to go in your career, we encourage you to take a look.

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    Bus_Experts Predict

    Experts Predict Job Market Primed for Business Majors

    The decision to attend college is one of the most important in your life. This means that your future success depends, in large part, on the choices you make regarding that education.

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    IT - Boomers_Retirement_150

    Can Financial Planners Benefit Baby Boomers as They Near Retirement?

    Some recent surveys and reports regarding American behaviors, attitudes, and concerns on retirement lead us to believe that financial planners and their advice may be of great benefit to most Americans.

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    BS - Recipe_for_Success

    A Recipe for Success: From The Expert

    Clichés for success are abundant, but what are some real, hands-on suggestions from those who’ve battled to the top? Some tips from experts in business, finance, real estate, and accounting about what helped them succeed. Perhaps a few wise words are what we need to jump-start that next step to a better career.

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    BS - School of Business

    Critical Thinking and Written Communication Cited as Most Important Skills

    Entering one of the most competitive job markets in history, critical thinking and written communications are the most important skills college graduates in business and information technology programs will need to succeed in the workforce. That finding is part of the inaugural Student Advisory Report, "If I Were You," assembled by Kaplan University's School of Business and Information Technology.

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    Career Spotlight: Financial Analysis

    A Q&A session with Finance Department Chair, Heather Dana, on the career scope and opportunities related to financial analysis and how Kaplan University’s School of Business and Information Technology educates students for excellence in this discipline.

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    BS: Rotunda

    Student Spotlight: Rotunda McDowell

    Ever wondered what it is like to be a financial analysis student at Kaplan University’s School of Business and Information Technology? Rotunda McDowell—a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration student—shares her unique experience and insight into the program. 

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    Tom Boyd Headshot

    By Tom Boyd, Dean, School of Business and Information Technology
    Over the (many) years, I have found that I am happiest and most productive when I have an outlet for different areas in my life. I believe this approach aids productivity and has helped me through difficult times.

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    From Pupil to Professional: Launching Students Into the Working World

    By Steven Cates, Faculty, School of Business and Information Technology 

    Students spend years learning the information and skills they need to be successful in future jobs. But the move from classroom to cubicle is a big leap, and all too often students are not prepared to become professionals.

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    Leadership Research in the Field

    In this research, I have been able to incorporate two of my passions—leadership and baseball—in a quest to gain practical insight about leadership and organizational behavior through a better understanding of what it takes to be a great leader in baseball.

    Professor's View of Baseball
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