Those in Public Administration Persevere to Make Government Work


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"But I didn't run to make history, I ran to make a difference—a difference that would give everyone a fair shot at achieving their dreams."


–Tammy Baldwin, United States Senator for Wisconsin


Our government's programs are only as strong as the people who implement them. Working through how government decisions are made and then administrating projects to carry out these decisions, public administration professionals at all levels play a crucial role in serving the American people. 



Acting as stewards of the public interest, individuals in public administration careers handle many tasks with perseverance-they analyze information, oversee expenditures, draft and implement governmental and public policy, manage people and resources, and much more.


It is becoming more and more evident that when public services are done right, they make a real difference. The work of Tammy Baldwin, United States Senator for Wisconsin, is a shining example of public service "done right."


In 2012, Tammy shattered the state's glass ceiling, becoming its first female member of Congress as well as the nation's first openly gay member elected to the Senate. In this position, Tammy puts all politics aside and is committed to working across party lines to strengthen the essential pillars of economic security for the middle class-affordable higher education, quality health care, a strong manufacturing economy, and retirement security for today's seniors and future generations.


Throughout her career in public administration, Tammy has also been an advocate for fairness, equality, and opportunity. She believes that with each passing year and with each generation, our country must become more equal, not less. She has been a strong advocate in Congress on the issue of bullying and suicide among LGBT youth, and helped lead efforts on hate crimes legislation, marriage equality, "Don't Ask Don't Tell," and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.


Looking ahead, we must continue to empower future generations to step up to the plate as the next wave of public administration professionals. By understanding and becoming passionate about the inner workings of our political and government systems, they will shine in the many leadership and support positions in government and civil service institutions. Our country depends on the efforts of public servants like Senator Baldwin, who work hard to ensure our government truly works for its people. 








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