Human Service Professionals Pursue Passions to Make a Difference


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“I have the highest regard for the devoted people inside the organization, at food banks, food pantries and meal programs who work tirelessly to achieve our vision of a hunger-free America."


 –Bob Aiken, CEO of Feeding America 


The field of human services centers on making a difference in the lives of people who are unable who help themselves. Also known as the “helping profession,” human services focus on finding ways to help those in our society whose voices often go unheard. Human service professionals serve as leaders and advocates championing many causes through a variety of jobs.


Whether it is feeding the Americans in need of a meal, assisting the children with autism spectrum disorders, or caring for the Americans 65 or over who have chronic health conditions, there are many segments of people in need that are provided assistance on a daily basis through the help of human services professionals.


Careers in this field can be gratifying yet unpredictable, as these professionals deal daily with human behavior. This is why when working in human services, being truly motivated and passionate about caring for others can move mountains. An extraordinary example of this is Bob Aiken’s efforts to end child hunger in America as CEO of the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief organization Feeding America. According to Feeding America, nearly 16 million children face hunger. Consequently, one in five kids are facing greater obstacles to reaching their fullest potential.


At the helm of Feeding America since 2012 through this June, Bob refers to this role as one of the great privileges of his life. With Feeding America, Bob is dedicated to helping solve the child hunger problem. Thanks to the organization’s strategy and fortified relationships, their network of community food banks serves an estimated 12 million or more children who would otherwise go hungry.


Not surprising, Bob is an active volunteer and donates his time to many food assistance programs throughout Chicago, all while instilling the value of volunteerism in his two children. Bob also serves on the Board of Leadership 18, an alliance of CEOs leading some of the country’s largest charities. 


Bob’s efforts to ending hunger with Feeding America – and even during his personal time – is proof that with inspiration and hard work, it is absolutely possible to make a difference and improve lives through human services. So dream big, reach for the stars and shine on in whatever area you are passionate about.











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