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    Know the basic minimum requirements to pursue your goal at Kaplan University.

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  • Hardware and Software Requirements

    To enroll in classes online, you must have access to a computer with the following minimum requirements:


    • A PC running a Microsoft Windows Operating System (XP, Vista, or Windows 7; please note, release candidate versions are not supported) or Mac OS X with the operating system’s minimum requirements for processor, memory, and hard drive (See the Microsoft or Apple website for minimum requirements)
    • At least 10.0 GB of free hard-drive space (additional space may be needed for multimedia files)
    • 1024 x 768 monitor with a 16-bit or greater video card (24-bit preferred)
    • DVD-ROM drive or CD-ROM drive
    • Sound card with speakers and microphone (for selected courses)


    • A Microsoft Windows® Operating System (XP, Vista, or Windows 7; please note, release candidate versions are not supported) or Mac OS X
    • Microsoft Office 2007 or a more recent version of the Microsoft Office software suite such as Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, which is available as a free, renewable subscription to active, enrolled students at Kaplan University§
    • A current antivirus and antispyware application that is updated regularly
    • Internet Explorer 8.0 or a more recent version, or Firefox 5.0 or a more recent version
    • Adobe® Reader® 8.0 or a more recent version (free download)
    • Adobe® Flash Player 9.0 or a more recent version (free download)
    • Sun Java 2 SDK (Java 1.5) or a more recent version for PC (free download)
    • Classic Java (MRJ 2.2.5) or a more recent version for Mac (free download)

    Additional Technology Requirements for Courses

    Along with the Technology Requirements listed in the Catalog, all students should review and be aware of any additional software and hardware requirements for their classes prior to enrollment. 

    For a complete listing of additional requirements, click here.

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  • *At a minimum, students must be familiar with Microsoft® Word. Students who have not had experience with other Microsoft® Office applications including Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, should enroll in Kaplan University's Software Applications course. 

    Students must be able to run, install, and configure programs and be able to store and retrieve documents and files on their computer.

    Please note: newly released versions of software may not be immediately supported.

    Specific courses have additional software requirements. Some classes require the use of additional software such as Microsoft Office 2010. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have the licensed software required and should not enroll in courses for which they do not have the necessary licensed software. 

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