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    Campus and Learning Center Facilities

    Our facilities are designed to help you develop a practical, working knowledge of the equipment and materials used in your career field. 

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    With 15 ground locations nationwide, we might be in your neighborhood. Learn more about the onsite facilities and programs offered at each of our locations.

    Kaplan University Locations

    Resources Offered at Each Location

    Our campuses and learning center offer a learning resource center and access to Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and Admissions departments. In addition, you can take advantage of our Academic Success Centers, where you can go for tutoring. Campus and learning center students also have full access to resources available through the Kaplan Online Library.

    Featured Location

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    Tour the Hagerstown Campus

    Kaplan University, Hagerstown campus offers many educational and student life facilities. The Career Technology Center, a 13,500 square-foot classroom building houses computer and graphic arts labs, a drawing studio and faculty offices. Our 27,000 square-foot administration building houses administrative offices, classrooms, libraries, computer and medical labs, a courtroom, and a student lounge with vending services. Fawley Hall, a 12,000-square-foot residence hall, contains 6 furnished, apartment-style units on its second floor.

    Visit the Hagerstown Campus

    Program-Specific Labs

    Each location has different onsite skills labs depending on the programs of study offered. Most of our locations offer medical assisting, criminal justice, and nursing skills labs.

    • The medical assistant labs at Kaplan University help you develop the skills relevant to the medical assisting field. Most labs contain patient beds that mimic a doctor's office setting, an autoclave for proper sterilization of equipment, a centrifuge to work with fluid samples, a reception area, prosthetic arms to learn blood draws, and drawers and cupboards full of instruments and equipment used to teach students how to set up and complete various procedures and tests. There is also a child and infant "dummy" for practice exercises.
    • The nursing skills labs include hospital beds, wall consoles with mock oxygen adapters, ambulatory devices, a scale, and mannequins (both low- and mid-fidelity). Approximately 8 to 10 students can work in each lab at once. The lab gives students hands-on training prior to moving on to clinical settings.
    • The criminal justice labs have a Fire Arms Training Simulator. This machine provides students with realistic training scenarios that aid in developing critical thinking skills, eyewitness identification, and on-demand verbal commands. Only one student is allowed in the simulation room at a time with the instructor. The scenarios can escalate or de-escalate based on the student's performance.

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