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    At Kaplan University, we provide you the tools and resources to help you succeed in your classes. Once you begin on your degree path, you will find online and onsite support for your academic and career goals. Our Academic Support Centers offer assistance with writing, math, science, technology, and business. 

    KU Campus, the student portal, is packed with study tips and advice for all students. Explore the site for writing tips or to brush up on your test-taking and time management skills. There are also links to online dictionaries and academic search engines that could help save you time when researching various topics.

  • Academic Support Resources

    • Cure for Writers Block
    • Security Quiz
      Cyber Security Quiz
    • AcadSupport-Science-test_taking
      Science Center Test Taking Tips
    • AcadSupport-Avatar-Math
      Avatar Math Module on Greatest Common Factor
    • AcadSupport-calculatingZscores
      Math Module on Z Scores
    • Be a Better Reader
      Be a Better Reader
    • Time Management for College Success
      Time Management
    • Tips for Taking Tests
      Test Taking Tips
    • Tour the Writing Center
      Tour the Writing Center
    • Tour the Math Center
      Tour the Math Center

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