• We offer an education based on real-world experience, on a schedule that fits in your real life.

    Kaplan University gives you multiple options for starting your education. Learn online, on campus, or try a blended approach at one of our Learning Centers. Explore the flexibility and dynamic interaction of an education at Kaplan University today and prepare for a better tomorrow.

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    We are a completely different kind of university—one that puts education above tradition, with technology that works for you, not the other way around. We offer a learning experience that's both customized and flexible, so you can study on your schedule, on your terms. With more than 180 degrees and programs, we put you first. It's time to put your talent to work.

    Our dedicated advisors provide you with the academic support and personal attention when you need it most. Explore the flexibility and dynamic interaction of an online education at Kaplan University today.

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    Our campuses provide you with learning opportunities from diplomas to master's degrees—all at one institution. With  locations in Iowa, Nebraska, Maine, and Maryland, we provide the facilities, faculty, staff, and academic programs that could lead to your future success. 

    With Kaplan University, you have the advantage of a curriculum designed to help you reach your goals. Many Kaplan University programs are developed around the needs of local employers, which could allow you to become more competitive for jobs in your area.

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    Whether you have home responsibilities, work commitments, or are a recent high school graduate, an educational experience that is designed to meet your wants and needs awaits you. Kaplan University’s career-focused programs combine flexible schedules and professional instruction to create a rewarding learning experience designed to assist students in developing professional attitudes, values, skills, and strategies that foster success in their careers and in life. Kaplan University Learning Centers feature on-site instructional locations combined with online courses. Students will take more than 50 percent of their program courses online.

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    Concord Law School


    Since 1998, Concord has been the leader in the development of online law school programs that leverage the latest technology and flexibility. With more than 1,200 graduates and a dozen years of experience, Concord faculty and staff continually work to fulfill our mission to deliver a sound program of legal education that is accessible and affordable.

    Concord Law School
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