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    May 2016

    A Message From Betty Vandenbosch, PhD, President

  • Shauna May
    Shaunna May

    I am always happy to hear about the successes of our students. Even though we have a number of alums featured throughout our website, I want to make sure you saw Shaunna May’s story.

    Shaunna recently earned her Bachelor of Professional Studies (BSPR) degree. She is the first one to graduate from the program which is offered through Open College at Kaplan University (also known as OC@KU). I mention this because OC@KU provides a unique opportunity to students who have college credit and have not yet completed a degree. This was a perfect program for Shaunna.

    With more than 165 credits already under her belt from multiple higher education institutions, Shaunna came to OC@KU to help her finally cross the finish line. And we helped her to do just that. Shaunna completed a few more courses, including her Bachelor’s capstone in Professional Studies, over the course of five months.

    The self-designed program through OC@KU allowed her to choose her areas of interest to study. Shaunna wanted to learn about business management, administration, psychology and social sciences to compliment her several years of professional work experience.

    She has been with her current employer seven years and was recently promoted to a management position.

    If Shaunna's story is similar to yours and OC@KU could help you, more information can be found here.

    Congratulations, Shaunna!

    Betty Vandenbosch 
    Kaplan University 

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